The New England Patriots Just Love Aria

November 12, 2013

Just about two months ago, we took a look at thecelebrities who have been spotted at Aria Trattoria in the North End. Well, they haven’t stopped. A handful of the New England Patriots, as well as a few of the Boston Bruins, have been spotted at Aria in the short time since then, and they’ll probably keep doing so.

And remember, BEELINE offers same-day reservations at Aria Trattoria anytime you want them.

Stevan Ridley returned after stopping by before the season for some “game-day fuel,” and he even signed a photo for Aria’s “Wall of Fame.”

Ridley must be talking about Aria, because his running mate Shane Vereen stopped in not long after.

Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic enjoying some pre-season fun at Aria.

And so did his teammate Brad Marchand.


The Patriots’ next-in-line QB Ryan Mallet.

And stud defensive end Chandler Jones got in on the action.