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Target: Mobile
Mobile technology has arrived and marketing to the right user base for your restaurant is critical to maximize revenues and limiting expenses. A whopping 70% of 18-34 year olds use mobile devices to discover great restaurants around them. This Millennial generation visit more restaurants per month and spend more of their income on food than any other generation.
Maximize Exposure
Your business is our priority. Being featured on BeeLine immediately signals to our private clientele that you are of an elite class of restaurants. We work hard to feature your restaurant to the right demographic to ensure the qualified clientele you desire.
Tailored Experiences
We give you the flexibility to market your restaurant tailored to your operational needs. It's a safe environment that welcomes experimenting with demand based reservations, priority access and custom packages. BeeLine is the only all-mobile platform that allows you to reach this high spending who increasingly choose to be more spontaneous about their decision making.
Improve your Bottom Line
We utilize industry leading social media techniques to bring your reservations, packages and pop-up events to the forefront of consumer's minds. Our private market maximizes your per table revenues and decreases your customer acquisition expenses.
Simple Tools on the Go
You are 100% in control of your inventory with the industry's simplest tools. You have access to customer profiles with insight into dining preferences (likes & dislikes) and profile pictures to create a tailored experience every time.

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