Want to win a free dinner in Tresca's Wine Grotto?

October 19, 2013

BEELINE provides anytime access to your favorite restaurants and nightclubs, with perks. But we wanted to take our offer to the next level with an exclusive dining experience in the North End, on us.


What if you could eat in an underground wine cellar (pictured above, and below), get a four-course tasting menu, and share that experience with three of your friends…for free. Sick, right? We know. So we decided to make that happen for you.



So how do you win? We wanted it to be easy, so just take a picture (pretty it up, maybe set a filter) add some text and submit it to our website.

What do the picture and text have to be about? That’s up to you! You might need a break, want a romantic dinner, have a celebration, maybe it’s just for fun or you have a weird/crazy picture you want to share. Be creative. Get votes. Win.

We’re accepting submissions until Sunday, December 1st. We’ll announce the winners on Tuesday, December 3rd. The Grand Prize can be redeemed Sunday-Friday until March 1, 2014.

But it doesn’t need to stop there. Why not create some more prizes? That’s what we thought, so we added four additional prizes for different categories.

We’re excited to see your pitches. And, as always, more information on BEELINE offers is available at our website.