Tips on Making the Best Impression During a Business Lunch

June 26, 2014

Taking a business connection out to eat can be intimidating. It’s a lot of pressure trying to attend to business, make a good impression, and make sure your guest has an enjoyable experience all at the same time. Here’s some quick pointers on how to make your business lunch a success:

1. Check the menu ahead of time

Know what you’ll order, you don’t want to seem indecisive when you get to the restaurant. Be sure not to go with the most expensive item on the menu or the cheapest, it’s important to make your guest feel that price doesn’t matter! Also, make sure the menu suits your guest’s dietary restrictions. If they’re vegetarian, you obviously want to rethink taking them to a steakhouse.

2. Stay away from messy foods!

Spaghetti, ribs, and lobster are not ideal dishes to choose if you want to keep your shirt clean through the lunch. Keep up your professional appearance by going for a dish that you can eat with a fork and knife, bite-by-bite.

3. Start with small talk

Don’t delve into business talk as soon as you sit down, wait until you and your guest have at least ordered to turn the conversation over to business. Make them feel comfortable and build trust between you with some lighter small talk as you settle in. However, don’t delay too long, you do still have business to conduct.

4. Always take care of the bill, you’re the host.

Handle the bill pay with a credit card (it looks more professional than cash) and of course, tip well.

5. Make a reservation

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