#PITCH: Tresca's Wine Grotto Winner Announced

December 06, 2013

We have partnered with Tresca to provide an experience like no other; an all inclusive dinner in a Wine Grotto.  We have also teamed up with Uber to provide transportation in style. It’s an opportunity to invite you into Tresca’s home through the unparalleled access only BEELINE can provide.

Food is the language and soul of a restaurant. Each bite has the ability to take you to another place or time and transcend culinary bounds. Tresca’s chefs will take you on a culinary tour of the various regions of Italy.

These special moments will create the memories that last a lifetime.

Whether your reason to pitch was for friends or family we are honored that BEELINE members have taken us into their lives. From a heartfelt battle with Cancer, to a triumphant family business, to wine nights with cats, we thank you.

There were two runaway pitches:


Jessica wanted a romantic evening with her boyfriend after completing law school.  Chris recently had a baby (tell me this isn’t the cutest wink you’ve ever seen!) and needed a night out.  The over-pouring support for both over the past weeks has made this an incredibly difficult decision. Both are deserving in their own right.

As this was incredibly close we will be awarding the second place winner with a $50 Gift Card to Tresca.  This will include a BEELINE Pass so they can show up on their schedule and skip the wait upon arrival.

Top Pitches:




You think you need wine? All my friends are getting married and I still live in a basement with my cat.



Food & wine are essential for fall fun! The perfect end to any day of wine tasting would be a fabulous dinner in the north end!




home run! I want to celebrate my 12/31 birthday!



What happens when you’re the breadwinner for a family of 5, you lose your job, and then the recession hits and all work prospects are out the door? You steel your resolve, you push your pride to the side, and you find a solution. I would take to dinner the most hardworking people I know, my parents.



Never ending readings, disappearing coffee, crappy highlighters, unpaid internships, and getting cold called in class? Which student doesn’t need a trip to the wine grotto.

SECOND PRIZE: $50 Tresca Gift Card & BEELINE Pass



My wife and I just had our first baby and would love a night out. He just learned to wink - but usually keeps us up all night!

GRAND PRIZE: Tresca’s Wine Grotto for 4 + UBER Ride



My boyfriend is finishing law school and I would love to take him out for a romantic dinner to celebrate all this achievements over the past 3 years of school and 3 years of our relationship. He is so hardworking and truly deserves this.

Thank you all for participating! This weekend only we will be giving away FREE BEELINE EXPERIENCES.  Use promo code “PITCH” to claim yours now.