Navigating the Boom in Dining Payment Apps

March 05, 2014

With the overwhelming amount of new mobile apps and websites dedicated to ordering and paying for meals, figuring out the best uses for each one can be confusing. Here’s a guide to the best uses for these new innovations, because they can only simplify your experience if you know how to use them!


Settle your tab before even being handed a check. Most of these applications include features such as splitting bills, storing gift card info, and offering feedback to restaurants. Just download the app, check in at the restaurant, and pay whenever you’re ready to leave. No need to wait for the waiter to come with your bill, and you can tip through the app as well.

Check out: TabbedOutDashMyCheckCover

Convenience meets High-end

These services deliver orders from top-rated restaurants and vendors who do not offer a delivery service of their own, and promise a quality experience since they hire and train the deliverers themselves. They’re open long hours every day, providing ultimate convenience.

Check out: DashedDining-In

Delivery made easy

These apps have simplified the food-delivery and takeout process by directing customers to certain restaurants based on what they’re craving, how much they want to spend, how far they’re willing to go, and more. Plus, it eliminates the annoying task of having to call in an order.

Check out: GrubHubSeamlessBitehunter


Using a QR code, LevelUp allows you to pay for your quick-service meal by simply scanning your phone screen, and gives you an instant receipt via push notification. GoogleWallet is very similar, though still spreading. Just tap your phone against the restaurant’s NFC-enabled terminal, and you’re all set!

Check out: LevelUpGoogleWallet

Split the bill

Ease the confusion of splitting the bill by quickly transferring money to friends using these apps.

Check out: VenmoBump Pay