Inside Tresca's Wine Grotto dining experience

January 22, 2014

Recently, BEELINE held a contest. After having given our pitch about BEELINE to so many people, we wanted to hear a pitch from our followers. So we invited people to pitch themselves, explaining why they deserved to win an exclusive dinner out at Tresca’s romantic Wine Grotto.

Since the contest ended, we wanted to share that experience with the rest of our followers. So we got in touch with our winner and had her describe her night out at Tresca. 

Read on to get the first-hand experience:

How was it different than a typical night out?

It was an experience like no other. We have never had an experience like this before, nor do we usually (ever) have an exclusive room to ourselves when dining out. 


Our winners received extensive help with their wine choice, to a level they’d never expected or experienced elsewhere.

The Sommelier spent a good amount of time with us helping to select the perfect bottle of wine for our evening. We have never had this type of experience before; someone so keen on asking us about our likes and dislikes and spending so much time and effort to select the perfect bottle. 


Tresca’s exclusive Wine Grotto made them forget they were even out in public.

[It was] completely private and secluded. We felt like we were in out our private restaurant and didn’t have to deal with any other diners. We were treated like royalty/VIP, and the Sommelier was very attentive, gave us great service, and explained to us all about Italian wines. He asked about our likes and dislikes and recommend a great bottle for us. Our server was very professional and friendly. The courses we each received (seafood for me and meat dishes for Jeremy) were spot on on our likes (he loves meat, I love fish/seafood). 

And even with so many choices, the staff at Tresca made the dinner effortless.

We liked that we had the tasting menu, and that the waiter and chef picked out each course for us. We didn’t have to think about anything, didn’t have to choose (it would have been hard with such an amazing looking menu) and were very happy with each course that was made for us.

It was great to share this experience with my boyfriend. We both love trying new foods and new restaurants. Everything - from the service to the space to the food - exceeded our expectations.