How to have fun when it's really, really ridiculously cold out

January 06, 2014

Everyone’s preparing for the bitter cold this week, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy yourself.

Treat yourself to a nice dinner in a warm restaurant

No one wants to cook after commuting home from work in the cold. You can always grab a nice dinner at a nice, warm restaurant, like AriaTrescaTavern RoadGennaro’s 5 North Square, or Brutole, where BEELINE passes will get you reservations without the wait. If you’re good at hiding, you can stay there until spring comes.

Go to a bar and drink until it’s warmer out

The only thing worse than standing in line for a bar or club is standing in line for a bar when it’s cold out. Skip all that and get into RoyaleCure Lounge, or The Greatest Bar without standing in the cold. When the temperature drops, it’s worth it.

Stay in and drink until it’s warmer out

You can always make yourself a few warmer-uppers. A few weeks ago, we shared our favorite holiday-themed drinks, but you can always make your own. And no one says you have to come out again before it warms up.

Watch movies about better times in sunnier places

If the cold is keeping you in, you might as well trick yourself into thinking you’re on a tropical vacation. While enjoying your drink, watch some movies about tropical places, and keep reminding yourself that warmer weather is just around the corner.