How to do New Year's Eve

December 31, 2013

BEELINE wants you to own your nightlife experience, and on no night is that more important than New Year’s Eve. Here are five tips to a great NYE celebration.

Plan ahead


Whether you want to go to the biggest parties or have the most intimate dinner, make sure you’ve planned ahead. Everybody is going out on New Year’s Eve. Winging it could mean spending it alone.

Don’t get caught in line


On such a busy night, long lines are par for the course on New Year’s Eve. BEELINE has special offers to get you past the lines at the best clubs and restaurants in Boston.

Don’t get caught in the cold. Organize a ride home


Don’t just expect to grab a cab at the end of the night. Organize a car, cab, party bus, or designated driver.Uber and Hailo make it easier to set up a ride. Don’t get caught in the cold without a plan to get home.

Don’t get caught underdressed


New Year’s Eve isn’t just another night out. Don’t be the one who stands out for the wrong reasons. 

Own your night, responsibly


Celebrate. Dance. Enjoy yourself. Own your night, but do it responsibly.

Happy New Year.