10 Holiday Drinks You Should Make This Week

December 23, 2013

At BEELINE, we just want you to enjoy yourselves, whether it’s at the city’s finest restaurants andhottest nightlife destinations, or while kicking back and enjoying the holidays with family.

Own your holiday parties with these drink recipes.

Cranberry Christmas Cocktail, with maple syrup, brown sugar, vanilla, and red wine. Recipe.

Foggy Dew Irish Egg Nog, with Pedro Ximénez sherry and vanilla-inflected Jameson Black Barrel whiskey.Recipe.

Christmas Punch, with pomegranate and lemon juices, vodka and Cointreau. Recipe.

Pear of Desire, with citrus vodka and Licor 43. Recipe

Holiday Mimosa, with champagne and Grand Marnier. Recipe

Amberjack, with apple vodka, Macallan Amber liqueur, and apple Lambic. Recipe

Christmas Cosmopolitan, with cranberry, ginger, and vodka. Recipe

Coquito, with coconut milk and rum. Recipe

Sparkling Pomegranate Punch, with pomegranate juice and white wine. Recipe

Cafe Brulot Flip, as created by Boston’s own Scott Marshall, principal bartender of Drink. Recipe, via the great FoodAndWine.com, where we found many of these recipes.

Enjoy your holiday, and own your night.